Since 2001 the Foundation has received over 19,000 letters of appreciation (from prisoners alone) who have been helped by our work. While we cannot share every testimonial, we would like to share a few snippets of testimonials and letters that inspire us.

Thank you, it saved my life! The peace and joy I now enjoy makes life worthwhile!
Sgt. J. Shiposki
US Marine Corps, (Homebound Quadriplegic)
The "Be Still and Know" exercise works for me. It calms my soul, enhances my thinking, and improves my emotional regulation. I am thankful to be a more resilient chaplain.
Phillip L. Pringle
Southern Baptist Chaplain
Since I discovered your radio show I have not had one drop of alcohol! I had been using alcohol, food, coffee, etc. to relax and forget. I just wish that I heard you 20 years ago before I started my journey to destruction.
Sandra S.
Santa Cruz, CA (born in Europe)
As is usual your program is always helpful and uplifting to me. I have been meditating perhaps a year now, and in the last 2 weeks I have been aware that an intestinal problem that I had for years has cleared up by itself.
Bonnie M.
After almost a month, my life began to change. I started to talk to my husband in a different manner - patiently and without anger. And, miraculously, our conversations became human and intelligent. Our relationship is healing. A month ago I gave a copy of your CD to my son. Now he is saying that it is helping him tremendously in dealing with people and life's problems.
Laura T.
I am thankful that through your meditation technique, used twice a day, I have experienced some magical improvements in my life! The arthritis condition in my neck has very much improved!
Rochelle R.
Reseda, CA
I must say, on the basis of 20 years experience, that the application of this technique has made a significant contribution to the treatment of the great majority of those people who have learned it.
Dr. George M. Hayter
Orange, CA
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