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How to Listen

If you are having trouble listening, connecting, or downloading audio files please consult the following links for instructions and helpful resources:

Suggested Media Players
Update Windows Media Player

Troubleshooting Audio problems:
Windows & Real players are installed but player plug-in won't load (Common Mac problem)
Enabling Java (Players or windows won't open)
Common audio problems  (Microsoft guide)
Unsupported file types or missing codecs
"Slow Connection" links or WMA files will not play
Buffering What causes it and how to reduce it

Suggested Media Players:

Windows Media Player:
To listen to live programs and most recorded programs your computer needs to have Microsoft Windows Media player installed. You can download Windows Media Player versions form Microsoft at the following links.

Download: Windows Media Player for Windows
Download: Windows Media Player for Mac OS X

Update Windows Media Player:
To play all program formats, and for best performance you may also need to update your Windows Media Player:

Go to: Microsoft's Codec Update page
Download: WMA Voice Codec  

Real Player:
Some Archived programs are in Real Audio Format and require Real Player. Later versions of Real Player may also be able play our live and streaming programs. You can download and install a free version of Real Player below:    

Download Latest Version of: Real Player
(For: Windows, Macintosh, Linux & Unix and Mobile Devices)


Player Plug-ins not installed or will not load:
If you notice that the FHU Media player opens but the player Plug-in (or Bar)
Does not load you may have to install the proper plug-in or enable it in your browser
(I.E. Netscape, I.E. Explorer, Firefox or Safari.)

This is a more common problem for Macintosh operating systems. Macintosh users must install both Real player and windows Media player for Mac, and have the proper mime-types enabled in their internet browsers to load the files needed to play active-x audio plug-ins.

In most cases, the Real Player and Windows Media Player installers automatically configure your Web Browser so that Real Player Windows Media player start when you click an audio or video link. If the appropriate player does not start when you click a media link, you may have to manually configure your Web browser. The following links provide information for configuring Macintosh and Windows browsers:

Windows Platform Internet Explorer 4.0x and 5.0x

PC Platform Netscape Navigator 4.0x - 4.7x
MAC Platform Internet Explorer 4.x
MAC Platform Netscape Navigator

Enable Java:

To load the FHU Media Player as well as navigate much of the site you will have to Javascript installed and enabled. If windows fail to open or players do not load you should check to see you have Java Installed and your Browser has Java Scripts enabled :

For Instructions on enabling JAVA in your browser: Click Here
To check and download JAVA: Click Here

Unsupported File Types or missing Codecs:
If you have Microsoft Windows Media player versions 7.1 or above installed and some programs will not play, or you are receiving a message about "Unsupported File type" or unsupported "Codec" you may need to download and install Microsoft's Codec update package:

Go to Microsoft's Codec Update page

'Slow Connection" links will not play:
To provide the best possible listening experience for listeners on slow or dial-up connections most of our programs are available for listing and download in the latest WMA voice optimized format.

If "Slow Connection" links and downloads of these WMA files will not play, or you experience an "unsupported file type" or "Missing Codec" message you should be using Windows Media Player or newer and the acelp.net codec:

Download: Windows Media Player for Windows


For 2005, we upgraded our streaming audio connections and servers to the latest available. While this connection is now state of of the art you may still encounter some interruptions or buffering. Typically buffering is more noticeable for those on dial-up and slow internet connections, or on connections or in areas with high internet traffic.

For best performance we suggest you use Windows Media Player or greater and update to the latest Codecs from Microsoft.

Understanding Buffering

If you are experiencing extensive buffering problems, you might try:

Reconnecting to the internet and/or refreshing your player window.
While listing, reduce your browsing and programs that use the internet
Check for Spy ware and Viruses
Change buffering settings: FHU Media Player - Windows Media player
Troubleshoot Internet connection problems

If you have difficulty or need advice in listening and downloading our online programs please feel free to Contact Us

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